My Testimony

garyI was born in the little town of Gary West Virginia. Gary had some of the finest mountain folk you would ever want to meet, yet I still remember hating it. Even at a very young age, it seemed so far from the bright lights I was to come to know so well. From the time I was about 13, it seemed like the world was calling me.

I learned to play the guitar and sing a little at the age of 14, and my life was never the same again. I had what seemed like a free ticket to wonderful, but it was really a journey of misery, hurt, and despair. Life consisted of a failed marriage, a brief bout with drugs, and an addiction to alcohol that almost cost me my second wife, my children, and my very life. Through all this pain, I kept feeling an unknown pull toward something. That something was a God that loved me, and gave his life for me... a God that had been there all along, through every tear, every heartache. It was so hard to see his love for me through the glitter of satan's lies.

At the age of 57, I accepted Christ as my lord and savior. Since that day I have enjoyed a peace I never knew could exist. I felt his calling to sing again, but this time it was for a bigger purpose. This time to be his vessel... a way for him to touch others through me. This I now know, is why by his grace he has given me the ability to carry his message in song to others. Today I consider it my privilege, and I hope to someday share this God given gift with you.

To God be the Glory!

Bro. Bobby





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